5 Tips for Taking Better Photos for Your Business
by Stephanie of Life Created

Taking better photos for your business is often one of those priorities that falls by the wayside. When you are a creator, email moderator, bill payer, schedule keeper, and everything else all at once, learning to shoot a camera and take quality pictures may not be high on your list. However, I am here to tell you, it needs to be! Actually, there are a few simple things you can do to make your images more impactful to your audience. If you don’t have an interest in prioritizing your business’ photography, then outsource it. Alternatively, I do believe anyone can learn to take their own great images!

The images you have representing your products and services are just as important as the employees you hire, the website you design and more. These shots are what will represent your brand to the public. What a potential customer sees will set the tone for what they should expect from your product/service and you as a business owner. Keep these tips in mind when going to shoot for your business!

1.  Who is your audience, and what details would interest them?
Knowing who your target audience is, is often often an early step in the product development stage. Whatever product or service you are selling, there is a specific group of people you are trying to cater to. Style your shots with those people in mind. What details/focal points and scenes are you needing to create to capture their attention. For example, when attracting high fashion brides looking for luxurious products on their wedding day, I will try to avoid using props (like flowers) that are cheap looking, and colors such as black. I would be sure to focus in on the details of my product that communicate value, function and craftsmanship.

2. Know your brand’s voice and create some stock images!
What words describe your brand? Colors, patterns, style and feel? Someone who caters to vintage/farmhouse/ship-lap loving women will style images differently than someone who likes a lot of stripes and polka dots.

Grab a compatible background, and clear off a shoot day on your calendar! Shooting some generic images that fit your brand’s style is a great idea. Use these “filler” images on your social media when you feel like you are in a lull of not having any new material. Shoot them with extra white open space around, perfect for adding text for announcements or blog posts. By taking one day a month and pre-planning/shooting some stock shots, you can have a library of available images you love at your fingertips and ready to utilize.  They can make great conversation starters on social media pages too!

3. Create and photograph things that you love.
What do you love about your business? Your advertising and website will communicate your love for your craft. If you don’t love what you are shooting, it will be 10 times harder to shoot it and promote it. Know the “why” behind your product! Not only why someone may need your product/service, but why do you personally love it? How do you shower your passion on the customers you work with. Your images are the invitation to the experience you are wanting to sell to your customers.

4. Get the best gear that you can afford.
Don’t feel like you need to take out a loan for camera gear. Buy the best that your budget allows and learn everything about it. Collaborate with other photographers who can teach you new things, like shooting in manual mode. Knowing the functions of your gear, now matter how expensive it may be, is a key step that can take a “blah” picture to a “wow” picture.

5. Make sure your images have proper coloring and lighting.
People like to view images that are pleasing to the eye. Watch out for strange hues if your white balance if off, out of focus shots and too much blur. If any of these problems exist in your image, no one will value your shot or the product and service you are trying to display.

What are your favorite tips for creating more eye-catching images for your business? Let us know in the comments!


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