8 DIY Photography Backdrops

Whether you are styling an image for Instagram, or creating a mini studio to photograph your Etsy shop’s products, having backdrops for your photos can instantly elevate the quality of your images. And you don’t even have to break the bank when purchasing these essential items. Below, we have listed 8 of our favorite DIY Photo Backdrops that are both affordable and high quality.

1. Painted Plywood $12
This board comes as a 4x8 piece, that can be cut in the store for free. I used a sample size of Behr paint for $3.48 (and then reused the paint for another backdrop below, read on). I suggest using tones from your brand’s color palette to keep things consistent, and on brand.

2. Paintable Brick $29
This wallpaper is pretty expensive, but comes with a ton of square footage, so you could essentially make 5+ different colored brick backdrops. This wallpaper looks great in photos, and the different pops of color mixed with the texture adds a professional touch to product images. I applied the wallpaper to the back of the plywood from above, and painted it a different sample color. You can also use paint from the last backdrop, which will keep your photos consistent, but still have variety to them.

3. Wooden Boards $26
(For 3 boards and stain. Boards are red oak craft boards for $6.04 each, and stain is $7.77 Minmax Wood Finish in Dark Walnut. I love this backdrop because you can make it as big or small as you want by adding boards. I never glued them together, so I can store them easily and travel with them. If you buy enough boards, it can be used as a faux floor. It has enough flexibility that it can also be used as a faux table/desk.

4. White Beadboard $19
This board comes as an 4x8 piece of headboard, and can be cut in half at the store for free. I kept one piece white, and painted the other with sample paint from the last backdrop. I love to use this as a fake wall, and put the stained wood pieces in front as a floor. This adds a fun texture to the background of the image.

5. Painted Beadboard
I took the leftover piece of the last backdrop and painted it the same color as the brick wallpaper. It can also be used as a faux wall with the stained wood. This backdrop is essentially free since I used supplies that I already had from the other backdrops.

6. Marble Contact Paper $8
I bought this contact paper and attached it to the back of my white beadboard. I added two rows of the marble paper to extend the size of the backdrop. This look is popular for all kinds of content: food photos, fashion, flat lays, tech shots and more.

7. Chalkboard Paint $4
This is a fun backdrop that can be used for a multitude of purposes. You can use it to style product shots on, to write quotes or messages, etc. I used the chalkboard paint on the back of painted beadboard, so I only had to pay the $4 for the paint.

8. Wrapping Paper $11
Wrapping paper opens up a world of exciting backdrop color and pattern options. The paper pictured is from Rifle Paper, and it was applied to a foam core from the craft store, but could have been glued to any of the other backdrop’s empty sides.


Want to figure out what colors to use for your backdrops? Download these free, printable worksheets to help you brainstorm your perfect branding photo session. Two files are included: one moldboard woksheet and one questionnaire. Print one for each photo project!

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