3 Easy Steps for Creating Branding Videos for Your Business
by Michelle Roycroft of The Film Still

How many times have you heard, “build the know, like, and trust factor!” as business advice? And how many times have you wondered exactly how you are going to do that? Well, video is your answer.

What do you trust more – the lady talking directly to you on your screen, showing you her personality and her workspace or the words written on her website? You fall in love with people who bring you into their lives, show their quirks and talk about their passions so intimately that they create an emotional reaction with you. Doing this is what will take your business to the next level and create loyal followers who become word of mouth advertising for your brand.

Don’t let the idea of creating videos scare you. You can easily create branded videos that help you stand out from the crowd. Here are three easy steps to help you get started.

1. Script it Out

If you only had 30 seconds to say one thing to a potential client, what would you say? Write it down. That’s the first draft of your script. When you create a video you need to get specific. Remember your ideal client and speak directly to her. Get rid of industry jargon and use words that she uses while staying true to your brand voice. Introduce yourself and your business in the beginning of every video and add a call to action in the end.

Now, look over your draft. Do you sound like an actual human and not a pre-recorded robot message? Read it aloud and make sure it sounds like something you would actually say. One trick is to call a friend and tell them what you want to say in your video. Record it all and transcribe it. Look at your adjectives and make sure those adjectives would also describe your brand.

Once your editing is done, write out what you want to say word for word. Practice it. Say it to your dog, your fiancé, and your mirror. On filming day, write an outline of your script and tape it under your camera lens so you can refer to it if you need to. The outline keeps you on track, but allows you to ad lib and sound more natural.

2. Style Your Filming Set

Start by picking a location. You absolutely do not need a fancy set with a backdrop and lighting gear. You don’t need a sound stage and a green screen. Have a room? Does that room have windows? BAM! You’ve got yourself a film set. Choose a place that makes sense for your video. Are you giving weekly nutrition tips? Film in your kitchen. Giving business pep talks? Film in your office.

Now that you have your location picked out, declutter and clean up the area that will show while you’re filming. Check the details. I’ve seen litter boxes in webinars and not been able to focus afterwards. Anything that is in your video should contribute to your brand’s message, style, or voice. What about using a turquoise spatula if your brand color is turquoise and you film recipes? Or hanging a inspirational business quote behind you if you’re giving business tips? Spray paint a stapler hot pink or use a quirky statue in the background.

Don’t forget about yourself! You are part of your set. Wear clothing that supports your brand. Is your business a little edgy and tough? Don’t wear a floral mumu. Be wary of lots of clangy jewelry, though. Metal bracelets can wreak havoc on your audio if you are a hand talker like me. And necklaces can cause problems if you are wearing a lav mic and the necklace keeps hitting it. Even bright red lipstick can support your brand style and be considered a styled prop!

3. Shoot

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you don’t have the right type of equipment. Your computer camera is great for live webinars or your phone for Facebook videos. Your DSLR or Mirrorless camera is all you need to create pre-recorded videos that look professional. Windows will give you flattering lighting that is free! Be sure to place yourself either with a window to your side or in front of you. Place the window behind you and you’ll most likely end up looking like a silhouette. For microphones, you can invest in a desktop mic if webinars are going to be your thing, or you can buy an inexpensive lav mic to hook to your camera if you want to create pre-recorded videos.

Pick a day to shoot when you have an empty house and more time than you think you’ll need. As you do more videos, you’ll get faster, but in the beginning give yourself grace. It can be frustrating when you can’t remember what you were going to say and keep mixing up your words. It happens. I have tons of blooper reels to prove it. Keep the outline handy and relax. You’ll get it. I promise.

These are great tips to get you started on your videos, but if you’d like more help, I offer an online course, From Bland to Branded Video, that takes you step by step through the process, from identifying your message to how to market your videos. There are worksheets, photos, videos, and modules full of content that dive deeper into using manual mode, filming techniques, and basic editing skills.

Videos are a great way to create an intimate connection with your potential clients. They create loyalty and word of mouth marketing that is hard to come by. It can be scary and intimidating to put yourself out there, but remember…. As a small business owner, you are your brand and people want to know you.


Stories have always been in my bones and using film to tell a brand’s story is what I love. Showing the passions and purpose behind a brand, showing the women running the business and chasing their dreams…that’s my passion. I also have a passion for cupcakes, tacos, and 90’s rap music; a combination that makes for some fun days with my two kiddos.


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