Tell us about your business:
Char Co specializes in brand storytelling. Through design, photography, and marketing strategy; we helps brands tell powerful brand stories so they can grow their business and increase their profits.

What is the purpose of your workspace?
We use our workspace to dream, vision cast, design, shoot, learn, drink coffee, and work hard. It serves as a place for client meetings, workshops, and shooting space. We work side by side gathered around old tables that are original to the sewing factory we work out of. We truly enjoy working together and believe in the power of collaboration, learning from each other, and creating space for beauty.

When did you decide that it was time for a creative space?
The decision was made as I cried into my diner coffee over breakfast with my husband one Saturday morning. I had been in business four years and needed to separate work and family. Everything was feeling too intertwined and like I could do neither well. I needed a quiet space to focus and was desperate for the clarity provided by this. I also needed help and was ready to take on an intern. A space gave me the freedom to do that.

How has your work space changed your business?
The work space has changed the business in so many ways. First of all, it gave me a separate space that is allotted for work and creativity. Second, it provided the space to form a team and working side by side with others. Third, it has hosted many workshops, gatherings, and team meetings. Creative energy, team, and gatherings has become part of our brand and business model because of the space.

What do you love about your work space?
Our studio is located in an old sewing factory rich with history. It’s inspiring to think about the people who worked here in the past….investing their lives into creating and making. We do our best to carry that on in this old building creating and making. The abundant natural light and old hardwood floors has got to be what we love the most about the studio. If you are ever in the area, stop and visit! We make great coffee and believe that sweets are part of workday essentials!!

What would you tell someone who aspires to have a space of their own?
A space will give opportunities for a business to grow that may not be possible otherwise. It also comes with responsibility and added overhead. Take small steps before committing to something to big. There is not a right or wrong, a business can be successful with or without a space.


I am Char; owner of CHAR co. I am a wife, mother of four, and passionate about living life well. There is nothing I love more than seeing a vision come to life, helping others succeed, learning, and that summer sunshine. Life’s a journey. Cliche, I know. But truer and than true. Lean in, work hard, rest deeply, find your niche, follow your gut, love yourself well so you can love others too. Remember, the more you give the more you receive. Look at the stars and stay grounded in humility. Look within more than at others. It is okay. Truly. Your amazing.


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