Tell us about your business:
Emma Rose Designs started in 2015 as a small handmade shop of baby clothes and accessories but as I found a passion with photography it evolved into something much more. Emma Rose Designs is now a place where I help fellow photographers and creative entrepreneurs grow their business with a strong brand foundation. I run two businesses from my space as a fine art photographer and graphic designer. I count my blessings every day for my daughter who is now one and a half because she was the reason I picked up a camera in the first place and the reason I was able to find my true passions and talents with what I do now.

As everything is still new on this adventure doing what I’m doing now, I have never felt busier or more fulfilled. I left a well paying career in accounting to chase a dream of working for myself all while getting to be home to raise our little girl. I’ve always worked for others, helping them build their own dreams and now that I’m finally working toward my own goals and dreams I’ve found clarity in my life as an entrepreneur, wife, mom, and so many other aspects of my life.

What is the purpose of your space?
The purpose of my workspace is to feed my creative soul. The purpose of my space is to give me a place to escape when I need to work and be productive. I have lived with family while our renovation was happening and it was in a dark basement. I felt uninspired and unable to write or create. That was a low point for my business because I just was not sure if I could continue on this journey. All that has changed since designing and creating my work space now. The purpose of my space now is to keep me feeling alive and connected with the things that drive me and light a fire in my soul, which is photography and designing.

When did you decide it was time for a creative space?
When we remodeled our home I told my husband that if I really wanted to be successful with my businesses I needed a space that would inspire me to create, write, dream, and design. My space does that for me and so much more. As a photographer, I spend many hours editing here in my office and as a designer I spend countless hours putting together beautiful branding projects for my clients. It’s safe to say that majority of my time is spent in this space when I’m not chasing a toddler! I’m grateful to my Husband for letting me take the only guest room in our house for my office. He saw the numbers happening with my business and got on board to let me have the extra space to do what I do.

How has your creative space changed your business?
My creative space has completely changed my business because of its location in our home, which is downstairs where we spend majority of our time. It is beautiful which in turn makes it a space that I want to spend time in every single day. Because of my creative space I’m able to dig deep, find inspiration and translate that inspiration into my work for my clients. My space has truly been a blessing for my business. I honestly do not know where I would be without this space of inspiration, comfort and beauty. I try not to get caught up on materialistic things, but I cannot even help it in here with all the cute decorations I have carefully placed throughout the room and attention to detail in every aspect of the space.

What do you love about your work space?
I love the calmness my space provides. I come in to sit at my comfy chair and instantly feel grounded and able to work. Before now I always worked in some sort of office that was dull, uninspired and blah. I knew that if I wanted to take my business to new heights I would need to have a space that made me feel alive and at peace. The soft grey walls keep the space warm and inviting and pops of white throughout my workspace keep it fresh and clean. I also love the storage I have in my creative space. I found floating shelves at Ikea and a rolling drawer piece that is absolutely amazing for keeping my things organized and out of sight.

What would you tell someone who aspires to have a space of their own?
I would tell them to start with paint. Paint can make such a difference to any space. I’m a fan of neutral/light walls because as I decorate I like to play off other objects like a rug or lampshade. I do not want to have to repaint a space every time I want to mix things up. I would also tell them to bargain shop at places like Goodwill or other various thrift shops to find hidden gems that might just need a little TLC. I cannot tell you how many things I have painted and played with to fit my style and my space. I would also encourage you to just start because a nice workspace is more than just another room or corner in the house, it is a space that will help you reach new heights with your business because I truly believe as a creative entrepreneur you need a space that inspires you to dream and think outside the box.


My name is Emma Rose, I am a fine art photographer and graphic designer. I believe in branding and that with a strong foundation the possibilities are truly endless. Somewhere between the successes and failures I’ve found my passion for helping other small business owners succeed in the industry. I have owned my own shop for over three years and along the way narrowed my focus, found my drive, and finally realized that I was put here with a purpose to serve others. Are you a business owner who wears all the hats and feels the constant pressures that involve running a business? I get it. Are you a busy mom who is hustling between diaper changes and nap time to get it all done? I feel you. Are you wanting to turn that “hobby” into your full time? I can relate. Are you wanting to take your business to new heights but unsure just where to start? That’s where i step in.

You are not alone my friend. I am here to help you. Here are some things I believe:
• You will be rewarded for your hard work.
• I believe that it is possible to follow a passion and thrive in today’s market with the right tools.
• I believe that you deserve happiness, love, and respect.
• I also believe that coffee, baby giggles, and chocolate ice cream can cure almost any bad day.


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