Tell us about your business:
Flourish Floral Design a wedding and even florist based in McKinney, TX (near Dallas).

What is the purpose of your workspace?
The purpose of our workspace is to allow clients to come to our home studio, without them feeling like they are walking through the house. It is the bottom floor of a town home solely dedicated to studio space. Since the studio is at my home, it also give me a little bit of space and distance between work life and home life.

When did you decide that it was time for a creative space?
I decided it was time for a creative space when I was tired of the kitchen being overrun with flowers every weekend. It made cooking and relaxing so difficult!

How has your creative work space changed your business?
It makes my business seem more professional to me as well as my clients. When they come into a beautiful office/studio space, then know that we are serious and passionate about the work we do.

What do you love about your workspace?
I love so many things about my workspace! I love the tables I chose because the height it adjustable. I’m tall, so having high tables has saved my back! The space has a lot of windows and brings in some really beautiful natural light during the day. I also love the clean design and aesthetic of it.

What would you tell something who aspires to having a space of their own?
Go for it! Weather its a desk in your bedroom, a room in your home or a separate studio, having a workspace you love makes such a huge difference for your business. Make it something you are proud of and a place you love to be.


I’m Macey Price, I am the owner of Flourish Floral Design. 23 year old Texas A&M Graduate. Lover of flowers (obviously), dark chocolate, Aggie football, wine and my goldendoodle puppy, Molly!


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