Creative Space Tour
By Kim Lyn Photography

Tell us about your business:
Every client has a story and it is my hope to capture it in a timeless, natural, and romantic way. Your emotions, your style, your personalities, and every detail should be photographed to be remembered for generations to come. We are a wedding + boudoir photography business based in Rhode Island but are available for travel. We are in love with love and believe in our hearts that every woman should look in the mirror and see her true beauty. We believe in preserving memories. We believe in laughter. We believe in family, friendships, and community.

What is the purpose of your workspace?
Our studio is located in Lincoln, RI. It’s an old mill building that has been restored. It has amazing natural light with exposed white brick and refinished hardwood floors. The space is my whole heart. It has a little piece of everything for us. The boudoir portion is completely set up with a bedroom area, floor length mirror, and a chaise. We also have a meeting area for wedding clients. My desk is set up for lots of editing and client emails. The workspace is a creative space for workshops, community gatherings, and a place for my friendors to come hang out.

When did you decide it was time for a creative space?
We have a rather big family. I’m a mama of four boys so there is always a lot of commotion at home. Between soccer, homework, football, and the chaos that boys are I knew I needed a space to call my own. It also made sense for the boudoir aspect of the business because I was spending a lot on renting locations. I really enjoy getting together with other vendors in the industry as I’m the local leader for Rising Tide Society’s Tuesdays Together. Having a meeting space we can utilize has definitely helped out. I’ve noticed my client bookings have increased since I’m no longer meeting at coffee shops as well!

How has your creative workspace changed your business?
Having the studio has changed my outlook on my business as a whole. It has helped me to be more organized, more inspired, and more intentional. I know that when I’m at the studio it’s time to work. I am a lot more creative and clear headed when I’m there compared to at home. I ABSOLUTELY love what it has done for my Blush (boudoir) clients. Having a safe space that is filled with natural light is a dream come true. I love being able to change the decor whenever my heart desires and it feels like a whole new studio!

What do you love about your workspace?
I love the natural light. I love the tall windows and the refinished floors. I love that it has character and it’s the perfect space.

What would you tell someone who aspires to have a space of their own?
Just do it. It can feel like it’s never the right time. You will continue to make excuses and second guess yourself. Just trust and believe in yourself. If you want it go after it. Save up and just do it!


My name is Kim Lyn Chauvin and I am a Rhode Island based wedding and boudoir photographer. I love what I do and I am blessed to be able to work with such amazing clients. Couples I love to work with are fun-loving, hopeless romantics, and love natural light. I am taken away by the beauty of this world and being a photographer has allowed me to document it. When I’m not shooting I’m spending time with my handsome hubby and my four handsome sons. I love a good meal, the ocean, and dancing like no one is watching.


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