Hosting an Inspired Book Club post is a fun way to lead a discussion about a business or creativity based book that you have recently read. We encourage you to dig deep, and share your true feelings about the book, it’s contents, and it’s message. We only want to share books if they come highly recommended by our Book Club hosts.

Applications with high quality images are more likely to be accepted. Please make sure your images:
• Are well lit
• Are intentionally composed
• Have correct white balance
• Have clean editing/processing (no filters)
• Include both vertical & horizontal images

Photos to include:
• Headshot or image of you
• Photos of your work/craft/products
• Photo of the book + a link to buy it

Images should be 1200px wide, and named with your real or business name. Ex. BusinessName01.jpg.

Inspired Book Club

  • Please compress your files into a single zipped folder.

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