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This Inspired Business post will highlight tips for better product photography shops. As creatives, we have so much we need to learn. Website design, product creation, social media marketing, photography. The Inspired Editorial is all about helping creatives with their businesses so they can focus on the creating, not the messy business stuff.

Tip # 1: Get the details

Show off your product by photographing it on a simple backdrop. White is recommended to help show the item’s true color, but other simple backgrounds work for this as well. If your product has an interesting texture, or any special details that you want to highlight, these photos would love best with the product on a simple background.

Tip # 2: Style the Image

Knowing how to style an image is an important skill to have when selling products, especially if your products are sold mostly online. While it is hard to portray the feel, smell, and taste of a product via photograph, it’s easy to get creative and showcase the product’s qualities. Help your customers feel like they’ve experienced your product, even if it’s only through photos. There are a number of ways to style an image to highlight your products in an enticing way.

• Use your product’s ingredients as props to portray the product’s smell or taste. In this example,sugar was used to depict the sweet scent of the candle.

• Add props that help tell the product’s story. For example, if you are photographing beauty products, add a make-up bag and brushes to the scene.

• Choose a simple color palette to keep the image clean. Overwhelming the scene with too many colors will take the focus away from the product.

Tip # 3: Photograph the product in context

Depending on your product and photography skills, this image recommendation may be harder or easier to accomplish. That being said, photographing your product in the context in which it’s intended to be used is a highly effective concept that many professional photo stylists have started implementing.

Photographing your products in a lifestyle context is an easy way to get customers to see how they would use the product. If you are selling pillows, photograph them on a couch. If you are selling camera straps, photograph them on a camera. Go one step further by styling the camera strap and camera with a model.

This idea can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. Do you sell personalized stationery? Photograph your pieces on a styled desk, or better yet, with someone writing on the products. Think outside the box. To gain inspiration, page through magazines to see how products are styled in various ads.

Photographing your products doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Take these tips, and run with them. And let us know in the comments how your take better photos of your products!


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