What is your business?
My blog is Gemma Peanut, and I recently launched a Photography 101 eCourse to get people mastering their Digital SLR cameras once and for all! There’a a heck of a lot of buttons and dials on cameras, so I created a course that demystifies them in a way that’s fun and easy to understand. Plus, I’m on a mission to unlock people’s inner creative beast!

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing at the beginning of your journey, what would it be?
Start before you’re ready! I’m a perfectionist by nature so I found myself making a million excuses to delay launching my business because it wasn’t “perfect” enough. Now I launch projects before I’m ready. This gives me a healthy amount of pressure to meet my deadlines and work smarter (instead of harder) to iron out the kinks along the way.

*Image from blog post: Margot Robbie, my camera and me.

How do you stay creative while managing a business?
It’s inevitable that we all get in creative funks from time to time. When I’m deep in the thick of one, I’ll drive to a neighborhood I’ve never been to before and explore the scenery. Fresh air clears my head space and my fresh eyes get inspired by my newfound surroundings. By the time I drive home, ideas are a buzz.

*Image from blog post: Jules Sebastian, my camera and me.

What is the hardest part about being an entrepreneur?
It can definitely be a lonely existence. No one else will have the same level of investment as you do in your own business. So I try to surround myself with other biz owners who I can turn to for support. I love getting into brain storming sessions where we bounce ideas around and challenge each other to push the envelope.

*Image from blog post: Clare Holt, my camera and me.

What is your favorite quote (ever), and why?
“There is no comfort in the growth zone but there is no growth in the comfort zone”. Whenever I’m feeling challenged, I remind myself of this. It beckons me to keep going and push through the difficult times because I never want to stunt my own growth potential.

When you are in a rut, where is your favorite place to go for inspiration?
Pretty much anywhere with epic scenery. Viewing the world at its grandest can put a lot into perspective for me. Nature is a magnet for inspiration. There’s so much variety in texture, colours and sounds. I also love disappearing into a youtube vortex watching videos about everyday people doing extraordinary things. That definitely gets my inspo-juices flowing.

*Image from blog post: Demi Harman, my camera and me.

Tell us your five favorite things:
1. My Canon 5D camera. It’s become an extension of my arm. I take it everywhere with me.
2. The Spit to Manly walk in Sydney. It’s so so beautiful and never ever gets old on me.
3. I am obsessed with Japanese food! I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Any recommendations, throw ’em my way!
4. My husband. We could not be more opposite in personality type but we are bonded by our shared values and our mutual love for our families.
5. Photographing weddings. I’m a hopeless sentimentalist and a total sucker for a love story.

If you could say one thing to an entrepreneur who is struggling to find their way, what would it be?
Don’t be afraid to fail. Fail quickly and move on. Don’t let mistakes or shortcomings stop you. If anything, let them inform you. I think it’s important to take stock of your own mental barriers and invest time in unblocking them. Oh and another thing, when you find yourself plugged into your “genius zone”, don’t let anyone or anything disrupt your flow. Because this is when the magic happens and you don’t want these fleeting moments to escape you. Too many times I’ve let myself get distracted and when I’ve sat back down to continue working, the magic is gone.


I’m a multi passionate creative creature who refuses to be put in one self defining box. I live for wild air, sublime views, subtle moments, deep connection and epic adventures. I’m also partial to wearing lipstick and playing in the mud.


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