What is your business?
Molly + Co is a Southern California + Destination wedding photography business that specializes in photography for detail and design driven clients.

If you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing at the beginning of your journey, what would it be?
Take yourself more seriously in the beginning. Invest in yourself sooner. Delegate.

How do you stay creative while managing a business?
It gets really tricky! But I love personal projects. Even if it means, it’s simply a collaboration of friends within the industry putting together a little party. I love shooting for myself and empowering others through great portraiture. Instagram is my go-to for inspiration among my peers, and fashion + design magazines are where I start drooling.

What is the hardest part about being an entrepreneur?
For me, staying on task. I get easily distracted by the next idea that pops into my head, so if it’s not written down (in order to get crossed off), it has a tendency to get pushed a day or two. Not task oriented would be not comparing myself to others. Of course, I want my work to be up to industry standards, especially for prospective clients to see, but it gets real easy to see others doing what you wish you were doing and then the negative self-talk starts up. I’m getting better at squashing that, but I think it’s a part of human nature to want to compare — but if we can simply observe, rather than compare… life is much more content.

What is your favorite quote (ever), and why?
“I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.” – E. B. White

I have really taken to this both in my business and personal life. I think that happiness is something people strive and look for, but it’s not a destination. It’s merely being in the moment. Getting sh*t done but having a sense of humor along the way. Rarely will you find me serious-faced, instead I like to be generous with my time, talents, and hugs.

When you are in a rut, where are your favorite places to go for inspiration?
Social media has become an outlet of its own, but design fashion stores really do it for me too. Upscale fashion and decor stores have the most elegant detail and savvy layouts and displays. The simplest thing, like a concrete geometric vase, can spark inspiration for an entire styled shoot. Design, Typography, all of that good stuff. And if I’m really struggling, Vintage Vogue and Lillian Bassman are pretty amazing and get me craving something creative.

Tell us your 5 favorite things:
Family (including my guy and dog!), Travel, The Color Green, Popcorn, Design.

If you could say one thing to entrepreneur who is struggling to find their way, what would it be?
Find your weaknesses, and build them up. If you focus only on your strengths, at some point — you’ll be a step behind the professionals you are competing with. Be personable and pay attention to the detail and personal experience of your client. You can provide them with the best product in the world, but if you’re arrogant or won’t email them back — you’ve lost them.

I am a preservation artist; a love archivist if you will. Having grown up in a family bursting with creators in a small, Midwestern town, I feel fortunate to have been encouraged to design and thrive in the world of fine art with purpose.

After years of education, including degrees in design and a Masters in Fine Art Photography, I place great value in being your wedding photographer and creating the tangible memories of your most special day as of yet. As a creative, I draw inspiration from my experience and travels to help reflect your perfect day. So whether you have a Santa Barbara Wedding or a Destination Wedding, I’m happy to walk alongside you and create an authentic representation of you!

My favorites: Bunnies. World Travel. Red Hair. Cozy Couch Days. Classic Fashion. Painted Toes. Details….Lots of Details. Hot Chocolate. The Color Green. Popcorn. Modern Design. Coffee Table Books. Craft Cocktails. Meaningful Friendships. Typography. Leather + Lace. Movie Dates. Dogs… Forever and Always.



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