Inspired Projects feature the personal projects of creative entrepreneurs, and are meant to inspire other creatives who often find themselves in an artistic rut. Personal projects keep creatives grounded and fresh, and The Inspired Editorial wants to shine a light on their importance. Include any info and photos relating to your personal project. Your answers can be as short or as long as you’d like, we just ask that they are complete sentences and proofread. If you are mentioning any products, we would love the links for those as well.

Applications with high quality images are more likely to be accepted. Please make sure your images:
• Are well lit
• Are intentionally composed
• Have correct white balance
• Have clean editing/processing (no filters)
• Include both vertical & horizontal images

Photos to include:
•Headshot or image of you
•Photos of your work/products
•Photos of your studio, shop or office space

Images should be 1200px wide, and named with your real or business name. Ex. BusinessName01.jpg. Note: If you were not the photographer for your images, please include the photographers name and website.

If you would like to be featured on The Inspired Editorial, please fill out the application below. Please note: Due to the volume of applications, we cannot accept all applicants at this time. We hope this doesn’t discourage you from applying.

Inspired Project Interview

  • Please compress your images into a single zipped file.

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