An Instagram Landing Page is a page on your website that you are linking to directly from your Instagram profile (see image below). I saw this incredible tip from Lauren of Elle and Company, and I think it’s a brilliant idea for those who utilize Instagram as a marketing tool. In her blog post, Lauren recommends creating the page to easily track your traffic and analytics from Instagram to your website (analytics list Instagram as a direct link, instead of tracking it separately). In addition to being able to track Instagram traffic (and conversions if you sell products), you can also use it as a way to direct all of your Instagram followers to your best content, without changing your URL each time you upload a new post. Read on to learn more.


The real beauty behind the Instagram landing page is being able to put your most important links and content all on one page. One of the best parts about an Instagram Landing Page is the fact that your new followers can see an old post about your newsletter opt in, or your blog post from a few days prior, and still find it all within that single link on your profile. Because I schedule my Instagram posts in advanced, I don’t have to worry about changing my profile link each time a new post goes live. Here is a list of ideas for what to include on your page:

Recent Blog Posts: If you keep an updated blog, and find yourself posting about your posts on Instagram, having a section with all of your  recent blog posts is a great element to include on your landing page. Squarespace makes it easy to keep an updated list of recent posts with their Blog Post Summary Blocks, but some of WordPress’s themes, such as ProPhoto’s Grids and Divi’s Blog Modules, also allow for recent posts lists.

Newsletter Sign Up: This is crucial if you are focused on building your list. If you have lead magnets, or email opt in freebies, include photos or graphics of them, along with short tidbits about the free download or tool. Squarespace has Newsletter Sign Up Blocks, and Mailchimp offers a number of plug in’s for WordPress. Tip: Keep the form simple by asking for just an email address, or a name and email.

New Products: If your shop is hosted directly on your site, include a grid of your newest products, since you are most likely mentioning them on Instagram. Squarespace’s summary grid blocks are perfect for this.

Etsy Shop: If you have a website AND a separate shop, like an Etsy shop, your landing page is the perfect place to link to it. Include a photo of your best selling product, or a graphic talking about your shop, and a short paragraph describing your products.

Popular Pages: Link any pages you think will be valuable to those visiting from Instagram, like your About Page, with a simple button or text link.

Contact Form: This is a great addition to any page, but especially on your Instagram Landing Page, as you may have potential clients that wish to contact you. If you aren’t sure how to add your contact form, you can always include your email address with a sentence or two about your availability, or how long until people can expect to hear from you.

Social Media Links: If people are following you on Instagram, and like your content enough to click on your website, chances are they’ll want to follow you on your other active social media accounts as well.


The best part about this tip is the simplicity behind it. To start, all you have to do is create a new page on your website. If you are on Squarespace, I have created a free Coffee Break video below with step-by-step instructions. Subscribe below to access the video. Here are my steps for setting up your Instagram Landing Page:

Step 1: Create a new page on your website.

Step 2: Name it something simple, like “Instagram”. This keeps your link short and sweet.

Step 3: Add the different elements to your page. If you are on Squarespace, add elements like a blog summary block, newsletter block, or your newest products. Link to anything important, link your Etsy shop, or other social media.

Step 4: Within your Instagram account, go to edit profile, and change your URL to your new landing page.

TIP: Make sure your page is MOBILE FRIENDLY, since most of your traffic will be viewing your page from a mobile device.

If you’d like full step-by-step instructions and additional tips, check out the video linked below. Simply enter your email, and you will be emailed a link to the video library.


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