Jasmin, owner of Estudio Rojo, shares her best tips and tricks for styling better Instagram images for your brand and business. She says: I am a lover of Instagram and how visual its platform is. Visual storytelling is what I do for a living and I enjoy sharing my story and reading up on other people’s story in my feed all of the time. I think in pictures and I absolutely love how I can scroll through tons of impactful and stunning images that inspire and get my creative juices flowing. For many, though, there’s always the challenge of creating and capturing a stunning look that looks drool worthy. Well, I’m here to help break it all down for you and give you some tips as to how to style your images.


For whatever you are wanting to focus on, it’s imperative that you pick a theme as to what your image will revolve around. Are you wanting to be a bit romantic with this look? Maybe you’re looking to come off sporty and showcase some activewear or you might want to make this a festive look. Whatever the case, have your theme in mind before you setup your props and products so that the tone, message, color palette and emotion are all cohesive and stand out to your viewer.


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