5 Tips for More Interesting Blog Posts
by Bethany Deschamp of Bethadilly Photography

In today’s world, it seems like everyone has a blog.  And if they don’t, they soon will.  Blogs are especially popular amongst creatives because it gives us a little place on the internet to share our work with others.  Whether we are blogging for personal fun, or blogging to share our professional portfolio with others, creating blog posts that are interesting and intriguing is of the upmost importance.

Not only do we want our blog posts to stand out among the rest, but we want them to be so good that our readers want to keep coming back for more.  As you sit down to draft up your next blog post, keep these 5 tips in mind for having a more memorable blog.

1.Include Eye-Catching Images

People are very visual, and before they notice a blog title, they notice an image.  Your images will help draw interest to your posts, and you can do this by including images that accurately accompany your content and catch the eye of your reader.  This is especially important as you are promoting your posts on social media, as your image is the easiest way to grab someone’s attention and make them pause for a second while they are scrolling through their newsfeed.

Think about Pinterest. It is so visual!  And your images need to compete with other images.  When you think about what images to include in your blog post, think about what images will make someone stop and stare for a moment.  Those are the images you want because they are working for you and will ultimately promote your post amongst others.

2. An Attention Grabbing Title

Once your image grabs someone’s attention on social media, it is your title that will ultimately get them to click over to your post or not.  So make it count!  Your title should not only briefly summarize your blog topic, but it should also provide a clear takeaway.  What will the reader gain or learn by reading your post?

For example, if you are writing a post about photography compositions, you want your title to peak curiosity in your reader.  Instead of titling your post “10 Photography Compositions,” title it “10 Photography Compositions that Create Eye-Catching Photographs.”  By using the second title, you are not only telling the reader what the blog post is about, but you are also immediately telling them what they will learn by reading it.  You are telling them why they need to read it and what they can start doing better with their camera once they have read your post.

Trust me, readers will scroll by your post if your title is boring or too vague.  Let them know immediately what your post is about and why they we will be a better creative by reading it.

3.  Get Personal

There is nothing better than reading a blog with personality.  It allows the reader to enter into your world and hear your voice.  Having a personal voice on your blog is going to make you more relatable, and allow your readers get to know you in a way that helps them trust you.  So get personal at least one time in your blog post.  Tell your readers a personal story that relates to your blog topic and gives them a little behind the scenes peek at who you are.

Don’t be afraid to tell them your flaws, readers can relate to that!  If you are writing a post about how to build confidence as a creative, tell them about a time when you felt the least confident and how you overcame it.  If you are writing a post about how to avoid common business mistakes, tell them about some of the mistakes you have made.

Getting personal in your blog post lets your reader know that there is a real person behind your words.  It shows them that, behind all of your amazing blog content, you too are a person that is learning and growing as an artist.  Having said that, keep your tone professional and positive and keep in mind that the words your write represent not only you, but your blog.

4.  Leave The Reader Ready to Take Action

When you think about writing a blog post, think about what you want you reader to do with the information you are giving them.  The goal of your blog post should always be to inspire your reader to do something.  You want your reader to read the final sentence of your post and then want to take immediate action with the content they just read.

Sometimes this means simply giving tips throughout your post on how they can improve their craft.  Other times, it’s okay to tell your readers exactly what to do next.  For example, if you are writing a post about how to improve your food photography, give your readers a specific challenge at the end of the post that they can do to improve their food photography too.  Maybe you tell them to take a certain number of pictures or to try a new angle the next time they see something scrumptious on their plate.

Whatever it may be, get your reader inspired to take action once they’ve read your post.  The strongest blog posts have takeaway for the reader.  Not only does a clear takeaway make your post more successful, but it will get your reader coming back to read more posts because they know they can depend on you to teach them something that they can immediately implement.  People read blogs because they want to learn and get better at something.  It’s important that you keep this in mind.

5.  Links, Links, Links!

Not only should your blog post be informative, but it should show your reader exactly what they will need or where they can find something.  Be sure to use links throughout your posts to naturally address your readers’ questions.

Think of it this way.  If your blog post is going to prompt your reader to contact you with a question, that is where you need to potentially create a link.  If you are talking about a book that is helpful, link to it.  If you are talking about a lens you used to achieve a particular photograph, link to it.  If you are talking about a helpful post you read that inspired you, link to it.

Don’t ever leave your reader wanting more-it only creates frustration.  It will also create more work for you in the end, because your reader will email you about it, inquiring more.  Links are a great way to create trust with your reader, because it is showing that you are a helpful blogger that is willing to point them in the right direction.

Not only is blogging a wonderful way to share your work with others, but it is a great way to teach and to inspire.  By keeping these blogging tips in mind, you will create blog posts that are more interesting.  Having more interesting blog posts you will not only create more trust in your reader, but you will create a blog that is reliable.  And it is the reliable blogs that readers visit time and time again.

Bethany Deschamps of Bethadilly Photography is a lifestyle family and newborn photographer in Washington DC.  She is a mama to one and a wife to her high school sweetheart.  Known to have one of the most recognizable photography styles on Instagram, Bethany loves educating other photographers and encouraging them to improve their photography skill through her photo a day project, The Bethadilly Challenge.  Her favorite thing about photography is that it has taught her to see the beauty in ordinary everyday situations, a lesson she will always be grateful for.



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