We’ve all been there. We took our passion, hobby, or talent, and turned it into a business. What could be better, right? Doing what we love for a living! It’s the American Dream. Bakers, artists, photographers, florists, seamstresses. We had visions of baking gorgeous cakes, painting all day, taking beautiful photos, playing with flowers, sewing adorable creations. But what we didn’t realize was that owning a business means that we are now creating for a fraction of the time, and managing a business gets the majority of our attention.

Creatives are just that; creative. We typically aren’t the type who enjoy spreadsheets, tracking business expenses, or tackling client contracts. When it comes to the actual business of running a business, we come up short. Before we took the leap of entrepreneurial freedom, we didn’t factor in the hours of invoicing, updating social media, and managing clients. The Inspired Editorial was formed with creative entrepreneurs in mind, and we want you to get back to doing what you love; creating.

The Inspired Editorial is young, but it is built on years of dreams. It has been built around the idea of creating a thriving community of entrepreneurs that want to inspire one another, and provide motivation for every step of the entrepreneurial roller coaster. What if you could hear from those who have jumped, and already made it to the bottom safely? The Inspired Editorial is dedicated to the small, creative business owner, and those who aspire to become one. Our goal is to offer advice, tips, and tutorials, while also featuring the best creatives out there. We want The Inspired Editorial to be your go-to resource for anything and everything related to running your business.

What’s on our horizon? We are so glad you asked. The Inspired Editorial has big dreams that include business resources, education, and a community built specifically for small business owners. The idea is to provide creatives with all of the necessary tools to create a sustainable and enjoyable business, so you can focus on the fun stuff, and breeze through the rest. #CreatorsGonnaCreate

Hi, I’m Brit Chandler, the founder & editor at IE. I started my entrepreneurial journey as a photographer, and moved my business around the country a few times, but quickly realized it was hard to start over each time. A few years into my photography journey, I had the honor of being a mentor at Clickin Moms, and found myself coaching photography business owners. After taking a few marketing classes online for my business, I realized I really loved and understood marketing, and wound up getting a job as the marketing coordinator for a creative photography business. I enjoyed it, but needed to go off on my own and create something. After a few months of failure, I wound up getting a blog editor position at another creative company, this time in the wedding industry. I enjoyed it, and quickly got promoted to blog editor + social media strategist. But I felt the pang of needing to create something myself, for creative entrepreneurs.

In the past five years, I was able to own a creative business, work for creative companies, and had the opportunity to learn a lot about what it took to run a creative businesses. I have taken that knowledge and poured it into The Inspired Editorial, where I will continue to grow and share my knowledge base. I can’t wait to see how IE evolves, and who it helps.

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