Why You Need Videos for Your Business
by Michelle Lewis of Visibility Vixen

In the past year, video has absolutely taken over the world. Every time we’re on our computers, tablets or phones, we are inundated with ads, livestreams and youtube videos…and there’s a reason. Chances are, you’ve been running an online business for a little while now, and might be wondering:

DO I REALLY HAVE TO DO VIDEOS? I’m here to tell you that yes, yes you do. And you need to do it right now. Whether you are selling turnips or high-end coaching packages, we have to start making gorgeous videos for our business NOW because, according to the Marketing Insider Group, online videos now account for 50% of all mobile traffic. All. Mobile. Traffic. 55% of people actually watch videos every day. That means that all of your customers are not only online, but they want to see videos. 

As technology has grown, our attention spans have shrunk. I might be dating myself, but I remember the ever-so-patient, wait for my internet to connect through the cable into the wall FOREVER, just to be able to log on to AOL! So, when presented with a choice between a 2,000 word article and a 2 minute video…we’ll run full-speed towards that clip.

A few rockstar entrepreneurs thought of injecting video into their businesses early; geniuses like Gary Vee, Jeff Walker and James Wedmore. And here they are, millions upon millions of dollars and subscribers later.

So let’s talk about exactly how video can drastically up your game in terms of implementation:

• Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more {Visually}
So just by putting a short but sweet video on your landing page can give you a HUGE advantage in getting people to actually sign up to your list.

• Businesses using video grow company revenue 49% faster than those without {Aberdeen}
Isn’t that incredible? You can possibly up your cash by almost 50% by just using videos throughout your business model!

• Videos give a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines {BrightCove}
Your content will be given an unbelievable leg up if you present it in a video. And since google “how to” searches increase in number every single month, shouldn’t we be driving people to US to learn what we’re genius in?

• 60% of millennials prefer to watch a video over reading a newsletter {Animoto}
This definitely applies to those of us targeting people age 25-35 in our marketing. Yes, we can still send newsletters, but we should change the focus to video vs. just words. That way, they’ll click more and more…and actually look forward to our emails instead of deleting them!

• Using the word “video” in an email subject line increases open rates by 19%, boosts click-through-rate by 65%, and online engagement by 42%!! {Marketing Insider Group}
We live in a world where email lists are a common practice now. Where most people are on over 20 different companies’ lists, so the competition is FIERCE. And to keep them from clicking the dreaded “unsubscribe”, we have to change the way we do things.

Video is the best way. It lets our tribe know that we are relevant, engaged and active in their inbox. That we care about giving them consistent content no matter if they buy or not. So, if they don’t hop on our train…it’s leaving the station with or without them. We all know how “FOMO” {fear of missing out} has become a true condition…people don’t want to miss out! So we need to make them not want to miss US! We need to give them a sparkly, shiny, time-is-running-out product or information that makes them want it RIGHT NOW. And the best way to present that, my dear, is through videos. There’s no way around it! And, since everyone else is doing it {93% of marketers currently use online marketing, communication and sales according to Marketing Insider Group} we need to as well just to stay alive.

It’s easy to look at all of these statistics, and the reality of making videos actually happen, and want to run away screaming. Totally normal! But I encourage you to just start thinking about it. Start small. Even with just your welcome page saying “hi” and who you are. Then, move on to bigger things…like starting a YouTube Channel and making some “how to” videos. Each step will bring you closer and closer to bringing your business and brand more visually to the world!


• Create a welcome video for the home page of your website
• Make 5 “How To” videos + upload them to your YouTube Channel
• Also post those videos on your Facebook Business Page + share them!
• Come up with a Content Calendar where you can make a habit of creating and posting your videos regularly

Michelle Lewis is a visibility expert and podcast host who specializes in giving gorgeous vides, powerful livestreams and epic courses to launching female entrepreneurs. Michelle helps her clients set up chic systems, brand themselves like a badass and absolutely rock their videos through her online courses and Facebook Group “Visibility Vixens”. Michelle has a film/tv background, working both in front of and behind the camera on shows like “Paycheck”, “Pretty Little Liars” + “Chuck”. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and protective pug {Olliver}. In her spare time she visits coffee shops, rides horses and writes music. You can find more at visibilityvixen.com.



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