How to Take Killer Instagram Images
by Melanie Villaneuve of The Nomadic Wife

Taking photos for your business and Instagram feed can be a daunting task. So many people focus really hard on things like “keep it on brand” and “use the same filters” but what about actually taking some half way decent photos? As I used to say back in my wedding photographer days “crap in, crap out”. If you’re going to try and use some bad quality images you’re going to get some bad quality results.

Now, you don’t need a big fancy camera in order to get some fantastic shots. Sure, you could invest in a nice DSLR with a few prime lenses, learn to use it in manual mode and get some amazing photos. Or, you could just learn to use what you already have to it’s best potential!

Most of us walk around with a smartphone that has a pretty decent camera built into it. Some of us, have one that’s got a kick ass camera, which does slow motion video & high def. Now. I won’t name any names or point any fingers. You know who you are.

The point is, your smart phone is enough. Here are my three rules for using smartphone photos for The Nomadic Wife.

Set youself up next to the biggest and brightest window you’ve got.

Setting up next to a large window allows you to get the best of both worlds. You get all the light you need & you’re still “in the shade”. This means you don’t need to deal with any sharp light or high contrast. You can always add more contrast in post if you feel like your photo needs it.

Learn everything you can about flatlays 

I’m sure you’ve seen it around. All of those beautiful styled photos, where you’re looking at everything from up top? That’s what I’m talking about. Think of flat lay photos as your phone’s super power! You see, most phones lack the ability to have shallow depth of field. Meaning that it can be really difficult to have photos where your subject is in focus but everything else is blurred out. Instead of fighting it, and getting upset that this kind of photography can’t be done well with your phone… embrace it’s strengths! Flat lay all the way!

You only see what’s in the frame.

This is one of those things I share with my friends all the time. It may sound a little cryptic but it’s as true as can be. Basically put, it means that once you’ve cleared the space you think you’ll need, you can crop out whatever doesn’t suit your purpose. You can choose to see what you want to see when you have the camera in your hands. Messy table? Don’t put it in the frame. Kitten is playing with the props? No worries, you won’t see it in the final shot. Shooting becomes a lot simpler when you realize you can only show what you want to show. I’ve seen it a million times. Furniture moved to the side to get a clear wall. Plates and glasses moved to one end of the table to get a clean spot to shoot.

So just remember. Don’t stress out. Take your time and get inspired by looking at what others are doing. Use the tools you have & you’re already on your way!

The Nomadic Wife


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