Creating a website for your small business has become easier and easier, to the point where most of us can create them ourselves without the help of a web designer (thanks Squarespace!) But because we are DIYing our sites, we often miss a few key details that are crucial for our customers, clients and business. Below are five common mistakes that creatives often make on their websites.

• No email address: You may be missing out on inquiries if you don’t include your email address on your contact page. Some people will use your contact form, but a lot of clients and customers prefer to contact you directly. To make contacting you even easier, use html code to open up a new message with your email address already entered. Here is the code: <a href=”mailto:youremailaddress”>Email Me</a>. You can replace “Email Me” with any message that you would like.

• No location listed on main pages: Picture this: A potential clients sees your work on social media, and clicks on your page to see if you are local, and they can’t find your location anywhere. The four main places you should list your location are on your homepage, within your page footer, on your about page, and within your blog post titles. Note: This is only applicable for location-based businesses, like photographers and event planners.

• Showcasing work that doesn’t represent current style or offerings: Let’s say you designed a custom invitation suite for a friend’s wedding, but you didn’t enjoy it and prefer to brand small businesses. Don’t include the invitation suite on your portfolio page. Only showcase work that represents the work that you want to do in the future. Less is more, especially if you highlight quality work that you enjoy doing. If you don’t have enough work to show, take on personal projects to fill up you portfolio.

• No about page: People buy from people. Let your potential customers and clients know who they are talking to, reading content from, or buying from. Include tidbits about yourself, but more importantly, talk about your experiences that make you qualified to do your job. Example: “I am a mom of two young kids, and love to photograph them daily. Capturing their essence is what made me want to photograph other families and children.”

• Using low quality photos: Thanks to smart phones, anyone can take decent images in well lit situations. If you have the financial ability to hire a professional to photograph your products, or to invest in stock photography, do it. The internet is a highly visual place.


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